Every woman is at risk for gynecologic cancer, and risk increases with age. At Gainesville GYN Oncology, we are committed to providing expert, compassionate care and offer prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers.

The ovary, endometrium, cervix, vulva and vagina are the sites of origin of most gynecologic malignancies. Most patients with these conditions are initially evaluated by their primary care physician or general gynecologist. Referral to a gynecologic oncologist such as Dr. Ripley or Dr. Ruiz allows women to benefit from more specialized care. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive care to women diagnosed with a gynecologic malignancy
  • Treatment of pelvic masses
  • Treatment of gynecologic malignancies, including cervical, endometrial (uterine), ovarian, vaginal and vulvar cancer
  • Radical Pelvic and Reconstructive surgery
  • Biologic and targeted therapies
  • Familial cancer counseling to high-risk families and prevention planning (breast, ovary, uterine, colon)
  • Minimally invasive and fertility sparing surgical techniques
  • Prophylactic surgery
  • Innovative therapeutics and complementary medicine
  • Evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap smears
  • Second opinions

We offer minimally invasive robotic surgery

Robotic surgical systems are designed to provide surgeons with enhanced capabilities, including high-definition 3D vision, a magnified view and better control. This advanced technology allows the doctors to perform complex procedures through just a few tiny openings, resulting in:

  • Less pain
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less blood loss and transfusions
  • Less scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities

For patients who are eligible for this method of surgery, our physicians have extensive experience performing surgeries using this technology.

Please call us at (352) 333-5946 if you have any questions about services offered at Gainesville GYN Oncology.